Will Davies
Will Davies
30's (Deceased)
Lanny Cheong (Acquaintance)
Lamont (Boss)
Portrayed by
David Julian Hirsh
Will Davies is a real-estate agent who was the lone survivor of the Flight #975 crash.


Will is a real-estate agent who brokered a huge deal of the demolition of an old building where the jazz greats use d to play (The building was also the former home of Clea Hopkins and Clea's Mother).

Will appears in Lost and Found. He strikes up a conversation with businesswoman Lanny Cheong, but it is soon halted by security personnel who inform her that her bags were missing. Will gave her a business card and wrote "IOU" on the back of it. Will soon wakes up to find himself strapped to his seat, while the rest of the plan lies in debris around him from a plane crash and he is the only survivor. Seemingly unscathed, he heads back to work and has a change of heart about the deal. He expresses to his boss Lamont that the building should be set up as a museum and that he will make sure that it is not blown up, and his boss notices blood stains on the ground as he leaves. Will heads to the site where Clea and Martin Bohm are also attempting to enter, but are denied access by the foreman who informs them that they have to blow up the building in ten minutes. Will brandishes a huge wrench and swings at them, buying enough time for Martin and Clea to locate Clea's mother and safely escort her out. Clea thanks Will for saving her mother's life and he smiles shortly before dying of blood loss from injures sustained in the plane crash. It later turns out that Will was one of the perfect sperm donor matches for Lanny and Serena's child.

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