Vikash Nayar
Dileep Rao as Vikash Nayar
Vikash Nayar
Calvin Norburg (New Business Partner); Sanjay Nayar (father)
Portrayed by
Dileep Rao
 Vikash Nayar (Dileep Rao) is one of the top five venture capitalists in the world. He is also a former shareholder in Aster Corps


Vikash Nayar is a huge risk taker known for backing unconventional entrepreneurs. Vikash Nayar and Norburg are currently business partners. Vikash Nayar has promised to invest in Norburg's vision specifically in regards to how meta algoritms can help end illness, cancer, despair, solve global warming, and even end hunger. Nayar believes Norburg genius will help him to make breakthroughs in the Third World in many ways, such as vertical farming and water delivery systems.  Nayar had been a major shareholder of Aster Corps, but he was only a major shareholder of theirs because he believed in Calvin Norburg. When Norburg left Aster Corp, Nayar decided to take his money out of Aster Corps and reinvest it in Norburg.

To stop Nayar, Aster Corps kidnapped Nayar's father; Sanjay Nayar. Aster Corps planned on using Nayar's father as bait so they could lure Nayar to a remote location where they could kill him. Fortunatly Martin Bohm was able to save both Nayar and his father.

Nayar and his father were estranged for years.  His father, who appears to be crazy, lives on the street. He's an artist,  who does these crazy sculptures. One of Nayar's father's sculptures looks like a pile of random junk put together. Actually, this sculpture is a very complex design that hides it's purpose, only revealing that purpose at a specific time of day. One of the sculptures he made was for Lucy Robbins. It  cast a shadow of Amelia Robbins image at a certain time of day.

While talking to Calvin Norburg, Nayar mentions how he plans to leave to attend the unveiling of one of his latest construction projects, a cathedral in Barcelona, Spain. He may have been talking about the St. Peter Cathedral designed by Rosemary Mathis. Mathis is an architect who uses her ability to see the patterns associated with the Amelia Sequence to design buildings. 

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