May 1, 1991
Cabbie (Father)
Simrin (Mother)
Nandu (Sister)
Portrayed by
Tiya Sircar
Veronique is the identical twin sister of Nandu who worked as a maid at a local hotel in New York.


Before the events of Touch, Veronique was born on May 1, 1991 to Cabbie and Simrin. An hour later, her twin sister Nandu was born. Because the family did not have the support to take care of both children, they allowed Dr. Knox to sell Nandu on the black market to get the profit and they relocated to New York. The decision to do this haunted the family.

Veronique appears in Zone of Exclusion. Martin Bohm runs into her at a local hotel while trying to catch Jake. Martin notices that the girl looks identical to Veronique, but she assures him that she is an only child and had no sister. Martin and Clea realize that the girls were born in the same city on the same day, and share the same exact allergy to strawberries. At the end of the episode, Cabbie, Simrin, Veronique, and Nandu are all reunited as a happy family.

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