Trevor Wilcox
Trevor Wilcox
Trevor Wilcox
Martin Bohm (Best Friend)
Lucy Robbins (Friend, deceased)
Portrayed by
 Trevor Wilcox (Greg Ellis) is Martin's former reporter rival from L.A. Times and later a friend who now owns a news syndicate called BreakWire and becomes an ally.


In Event Horizon, Martin and Lucy enlist the help of Trevor, to find out more about Amelia's whereabouts and how to take down Aster Corps. Trevor tells Lucy how he and Martin were originally rivals and that they befriended after death of Martin's wife. Trevor also helps track down the car of one of Amelia's captors.

In Closer, Trevor helps Martin contact Vikash Nayar, whom they believe can help track down Calvin Norburg.

In Enemy of My Enemy, Calvin messages Martin that he wants to meet, so Trevor gives Martin a job at Breakwire, not just as a cover, but an actual job.

In Perfect Storm, UNKNOWN

In Eye to Eye, Martin finally explains to Trevor what Jake and Amelia's gift is. Later, Trevor tells Lucy that Calvin's foundation has bought a loft in town.

In Broken, Trevor admits to Martin that he gave the location of Calvin to Lucy.

In Ghosts, Dutch, a friend of Martin and Trevor's, visits Breakwire to help protect Jake from those trying to track him down. Trevor holds a small party to welcome Dutch. When Guillermo Ortiz cuts the power, everyone at BreakWire believes it is just the storm. But two of Trevor's employees end up getting killed by Ortiz.

In Reunions, UNKNOWN

In Clockwork, Trevor provides information regarding one of the 36, Philip Green, and tells Martin that Green is on death row after committing a murder. At the end of the episode, Trevor arrives at Martin and Jake's home, and, sadly, tells Martin that Lucy is dead.

In Two of a Kind, the episode starts right after Trevor told Martin the news about Lucy, but together, they conclude that since only one body was reported to be found that Amelia must be out there somewhere. Later, Martin asks Jake to help with the oncoming danger that is Guillermo Ortiz.

In Accused, Martin calls Trevor to tell him that Guillermo Ortiz is dead.

In Fight or Flight, TBA

In Leviathan, TBA

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