Sanjay Nayar
Kavi Raz as Sanjay Nayar
Sanjay Nayar
Portrayed by
Kavi Raz
 Sanjay Nayar (Kavi Raz) is the father of the wealthy venture capitalists and former Aster Corps shareholder Vikash Nayar.


Sanjay Nayar is an artist who lives on the street. Aster Corps thugs abducted Sanjay Nayar off the street while he created a sculpture for Lucy Robbins. 

Sanjay and Vikash were estranged for years, but when Vikash Nayar learned if Sanjay's abduction he risked his own life to buy his freedom.Vikash Nayar was a major shareholder of Aster Corps. To prevent Vikash Nayar from pulling out all his shares of Aster Corps and reinvesting it in Calvin Norburg, Aster Corps kidnapped Sanjay Nayar. Aster Corps thugs created the illusion that it was a simple kidnapping for ransom but in truth Aster Corps planned on using Sanjay Nayar as bait so they could lure Vikash Nayar to a remote location where they could kill him. Fortunatly Martin Bohm was able to save both Nayar and his father.

The sculpture Sanjay Nayar made for Lucy Robbins looks like a pile of random junk put together by someone who is insane. In truth this sculpture is a very complex design that hides it's true beauty and purpose. The sculpture only reveals that purpose at a specific time of day.  At that time it cast a shadow of Amelia Robbins image.

Sanjay Nayar sculpture for Lucy Robbins casting a shadow of Amelia Robbins image

Sanjay Nayar sculpture for Lucy Robbins casting a shadow of Amelia Robbins image

Sanjay seems to have attributes that one would associate with a savant. Not taking into account the complexity is his sculpture, Sanjay was able to create a perfect image of Amelia that was specifically designed to appear for Lucy Robbins. Somehow Sanjay was able to predict the exact time of day he would meet Lucy Robbins despite the fact that the circumstances leading up to his meeting with her was purely random. Despite Sanjay's extraordinary ability he has not revealed the ability to calculate the Amelia Sequence.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You're find her soon"

Sanjay to Lucy Robbins about her dauther when he reveal the image of the 36 girl.

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