Sami's Father
Metro Girl (Girlfriend)
Alexandre (Co-worker/Friend)
Montreal Doctor (Co-worker)
Portrayed by
Amir Talai
Sami is a doctor of Middle Eastern descent who works in a Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Sami also follows a young woman every morning at 8:00 AM at a Metro Station in an attempt to speak to her.


Sami is first seen in the episode Entanglement. He is seen watching the Metro Girl from a distance and follows her off of the subway train but can't seem to speak to her and walks off. His friend Alexandre urges him to talk to the woman. The next day Sami is put in charge of finding a matching donor for Gabriel Wilmington, who needs a bone marrow transplant and the Montreal Doctor refuses to let him leave until he does so. When it appears all hope is lost for Sami to meet the train at 8:00 AM since he can't seem to find a donor that matches all six qualifications, he soon finds a match due to Martin Bohm's realization that Gabriel and Marisol Flores are siblings. Sami hurries to the Metro Station, but realizes he grabbed the wrong bag when he can't find his Metro pass. The Metro Girl soon comes up and is wet and Sami holds his umbrella over them both, introducing himself and inviting her for coffee. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that Sami was the intended husband of Norah, but the arrangement was called off due to Norah's Father showing respect for his child and Sami's Father finding out over the internet that his son had met another woman.

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