Cabbie (Co-worker)
Portrayed by
Vincent Guastaferro
Sal is a cab company manager who was responsible for saving the life of an Italian astronaut named Gio.


Sal appears in Zone of Exclusion. Sal sits on a bus with a large radio while listening to classical music. While getting off the bus, a vacuum tube falls off the back of the radio. Martin Bohm picks it up and hands it back to Sal, who thanks him anyways even though he is angered about the radio's bad condition. At the cab station, Sal hosts a "radio type show" where he talks to his employees and encourages them to be social with the people that leave them fares, however the cabbies never answer Sal back and seem to ignore everything he says. Allegra, the partner of Italian austronaut Gio manages to connect with Sal by using an old hand radio frequency after COM is shut down. Gio's Co2 levels are reaching dangerous levels, and Sal cannot hear them well through the bad static. Inserting the vacuum tube that Martin gave him back on the bus, the connection is clear enough for Sal to hear and communicate with Gio and tells him to go back to the space station because of the dangerous Co2 levels. Sal then gets back on the cab radio and talks about how he saved the life of an Italian austronaut, and this time the cabbies are interested in hearing the story. Sal walks out into an alley at the end of the episode, and looks up at the moon.

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