Rosemary Mathis
Rosemary Mathis played by Ayelet Zurer
Rosemary Mathis
Portrayed by

Rosemary Mathis is one of the savants known as the Righteous 36. She is a celebrated architect who designs buildings which have elements of the numerical sequence "3-1-8-5-2-9-6-3-2-8-7-9-5"; also known as the Amelia Sequence, incorporated into it's design.


Rosemary Mathis was "conscidered by many to be one of the world's leading artistic and innovative architects". Mathis has been conscidered a prodigy since the age of six. Mathis has designed some of the world's most beautiful and discussed structures, from a Opera House for the Berlin Opera in Berlin to the St. Peter Cathedral in Barcelona. By the age of seventeen Mathis had already designed eleven buildings.

Rosemary Mathis is a compassionate woman who believes God is a compassionate deity who welcomes us into Heaven. Mathis does not believe the architectural designs she drafts are hers because the designs she imagines come into her mind fully formed. According to Mathis, "There is no thought, no artistry, no pleasure. I see patterns and calculations and I write them down." Mathis says she would give up her gift just "to be normal, to be happy, and to feel loved".

Mathis is one of the murder victims of the serial killer Guillermo Ortiz and Mathis met at a party thrown in Mathis honor at the Barcelona National Gallery. The centerpiece of the evening celebration was the St. Peter Cathedral in Barcelona. It was implied that the cathedral may be one of Vikash Nayar's latest construction projects.

Before Ortiz murders Mathis he uses his advanced understanding of mathematics and theology to form a genuine, seemingly romantic rapport with her. According to an obituary written about Mathis, "normally she was an extreme introvert who loathed large gathers, especially those held in her honor, but the evening before her death she seemed relaxed and happy". While Ortiz's initial intention was to lure Mathis away from the public so he can kill her in a more remote location, it seems he actually managed to connect with her in a meaningful way that even he seemed to appreciate. Despite that connection, he still murders her because he believes that he can't choose a different path because he "has" to fulfill his destiny. For him his destiny is to kill the Savants known as the Rightous 36 because he believes that they are "false idols" who are placing themselves before God.

Ortiz killed Mathis the same way he kills all of his victims, by catching his victims off guard and quickly severing an artery in her throat with the knife hidden in the necklace around his neck.

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