Rebecca Klepper
Rebecca Klepper
Arnie Klepper (Father)
Ravi (Friend)
Portrayed by
Amy Sloan
Rebecca "Becca" Klepper is the daughter of Arnie Klepper. Although they had a strange relationship, they are reunited on a bridge while Rebecca was chasing down a dog, Lyov, that was supposed to be boarding a flight to Russia.


Before Rebecca's appearance, Arnie had tried several times to get in contact with his daughter, who refused to speak to him. He even had a letter written to her that he never got a chance to send.

Rebecca was first seen in the episode 1+1=3. Rebecca worked as a flight attendant in the same airport that Martin Bohm worked as a baggage handler. In her haste to make the flight, she bumps into an Indian man named Ravi, causing him to drop and break a ceramic elephant containing his father's ashes. While attempting to board a dog named Lovy aboard a flight, it escaped and she tried to chase it down. In the meantime, she made a friendship with Ravi and learned that he was scheduled to scatter the ashes over centerfield due to his father's love for baseball and despite his father showing favoritism towards his sister and viewing him as a disgrace, he still felt it was his duty to fulfill his father's wishes. While at the ballfield, she spots Lovy and chases him down where he ultimately leads her to the same bridge that Arnie was attempting suicide off of. At the end of the episode, Rebecca is seen by Arnie's hospital bed holding his hand.

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