Randall Meade
Randall Meade
Lynchburg, Virginia
Portrayed by
Titus Welliver

Randall Meade (Titus Welliver) wins the lottery with numbers connecting him to the wife of Martin Bohm.


Meade was formerly a fireman for New York. During 9/11, he had managed to rescue Sarah Bohm, who was on the 87th floor of the World Trade Center, barely conscious and badly bleeding. After going down 31 flights of stairs, he could not carry her anymore and felt guilt that she could have lived had he went on longer. Since then, he played the same lottery numbers over and over: 87 1 9 20 31 11. Meade manages to win the lottery after ten years in the Pilot episode.

Meade is first seen in the Pilot, going into a gas station to play another lottery ticket. Jake snatches the ticket and gives it back to Martin after scribbling the numbers down. Meade later learns he has won the lottery, and calls his wife and decides to come back home to Lynchburg, Virginia. At the Metro Station, Martin fights with Meade, causing both men to be handcuffed. The fight caused Meade to be late for his depature and gave him enough time to save children from a burning bus (District No. 318). Meade's sudden depature from New York starts an ongoing mystery as to who held the winning ticket.

Meade goes back home in Kite Strings, and attends a church but expresses his dissatisfaction at not getting the answers he needs to Pastor Steve. The two soon bond and Meade shares the story of 9/11 with him before they decide to go into the basement so Meade can work on the footing due to his background as a carpenter. While they are down there, the floor rots out and sends both men crashing to the ground, with Meade sustaining injuries. They are rescued by an unnamed man who has a phone call from an injured Laura Davis. Soon after the rescue, he comes public as the holder of the lottery ticket.

In Gyre, Part 2, Meade and Colin Davis finish up remodeling the church. Colin's mother, Gwen delivers Colin a sextant he ordered in the mail. Meade realizes the coordinates that Colin uses for the sexton are his numbers, and following the circled numbers on his blueprint leads to a location (which turns out to be an abandoned parking garage). Meade meets up with Martin Bohm and Jake in New York and makes peace with Martin over the situation with Sarah. Meade helps out Martin by giving him his brand new car and helping him leave to Los Angeles. At the end of the episode, he is seen giving Colin a navigation book.


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318 is tattooed across Randall's right fingers, because he was member of the NYFD Enginge Company 318 at 09/11/2001

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"The truth is: I couldn’t carry her any more. I wanted to save myself."
—Randall Meade

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