Norah's Father
Shada (Friend)
Portrayed by
Emily Ghamrawi
Norah is a Middle Eastern teenage girl who runs away with her friend Shada after learning her Father is making an organized marriage for her.


Norah is seen in the episode Entanglement. She overhears her father talking with another man about a marriage for her. Norah then takes off her burkha, revealing her to be wearing more casual clothing (such as the same shirt of the dance group that the Japanese girls were wearing in Safety in Numbers). Norah then poses as a guy and rides through town and eventually talks her friend Shada into joining her. Shada also poses as a guy and the two go down a road listening to rap music until they come across a woman who is going into labor. Norah hatches a plan to pick the woman up but drop her off a block from the hospital and call an ambulance so they can continue to go on their road trip. However, the car soon runs out of gas and the woman's contraction times become shorter and shorter. Norah calls her brother to come and give her enough gas to go into town but her father instead arrives and chastises her. Norah successfully manages to deliver the woman's baby (with help from Shada, who is reading step by step information from a website). The woman refuses to be driven back by Norah due to her revelation of being a female. Near the end of the episode, her father and the man are seen talking and both agree to call off the arrangement after the man reveals he learned something about his son through the internet. Gleefully, Norah goes into her room and gets on Facebook. It's revealed her arranged groom was Sami, who had entered a relationship with the woman he had been following at the Metro Station. Norah likes the relationship. She is seen holding various brochures for American colleges, and looks at her father and the two smile at each other.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"We either define our fate, or we are defined by it." 

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