Martin Bohm
Martin Bohm - Touch-S2-cast-005
Martin Bohm; alias Martin Bishop
Jacob Bohm (son)
Sarah Bohm (wife, deceased)
Abigail Kelsey (sister-in-law)
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Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland) is the father of Jacob Bohm, and husband of the late Sarah Bohm. His primary focus throughout the first season is to maintain full custody over Jake, all the while following the numbers that Jake gives him. During the second reason he assists Lucy in helping to rescue her daughter Amelia.


A former journalist for The New York Times, Martin was fired from the Herald not long after Sarah's death on September 11, 2001. Willing to do whatever is necessary to provide for his son, he has since worked as a doorman, taxi driver, and construction worker, and currently works as a baggage handler at JFK Airport. In March 2012, Martin was visited by Clea Hopkins from Child and Family Services, the result of Jake climbing a cell phone tower for the third time in three weeks, every time at 3:18 PM.


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318, being the number Martin's son is obsessed with in the first episode, shows up in many facets of his life. Notably, Jake is constantly setting the clocks around the house to this time, and Martin has set a recurring alarm for 3:18 on his laptop computer.

("the number" change after some episodes)

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"You do not get to talk to me about commitment!"
—Martin Bohm

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