Lucy Robbins
Lucy Robbins - Touch-S2-cast-003
Lucy Robbins
Frank Robbins (Ex-Husband)
Amelia Robbins (Daughter)
Wade (Friend)
Zack (Acquaintance)
Martin Bohm (Kissed)
Jacob Bohm
Portrayed by
Maria Bello
Lucy Robbins is the mother of Amelia Robbins and the ex-wife of Frank Robbins. Lucy continues to search for her missing daughter despite Frank strongly believing her to be dead.


Lucy Robbins was married to Frank Robbins and their daughter Amelia was born in 1998. Lucy worked in advertising as an occupation.

In Gyre, Part 1, Lucy is walking on a beach when she comes across a very angry and rude man named Wade. She walks into his tent on the beach to find that he has collected various items and that he plans to sell them for profit on the internet. Lucy decides to ruin his day by pestering him, and eventually Wade becomes closer to her after revealing his true intentions of posting the items online so that the owners can find them. Frank calls Lucy and tells her that a guy called him asking about Amelia. Lucy breaks down and tells Wade that her daughter loved numbers so she followed the numbers to lead her on the beach at that exact same time and on that day but that Amelia never showed up. Wade tells her that the tsunami changed the tide courses and that her daughter could be at another location and helps her out.

In Gyre, Part 2, Lucy picks up a hitchhiker named Zack who wants to fix his father's mistakes by having a Jamaican family music duo named The Beckos sing as a part of his online compilation of music acts all over the world singing the same song. She takes him to the location of Thomas Becko. Lucy ends up in Los Angeles where she meets Martin and Jake Bohm. She reveals herself indirectly to Martin after saying she had a daughter named Amelia that loved numbers. Lucy, Martin, and Jake are seen looking over the pier at the skyline.

In season 2, she met Martin and Jake and they followed the numbers Jake gave them to get Amelia out of an Aster Corps facility in the desert. They rescued Amelia and Martin told them to disappear. However, as she and Amelia were driving away, they encountered three cars of the Aster Corps. Amelia said there was no way her mother could survive. Lucy told Amelia to get out of the car and run as far away as she could. Lucy got out of the car and was approached by Tony Rigby and another employee. As Amelia climbed to the top of a nearby hill, she heard a gunshot.

Lucy's body was placed in the car and thrown into a ravine. When Trevor heard the news, he went to tell Martin, who was devastated.

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