King Roadie
King Roadie
King Roadie
Portrayed by
Joshua Leonard
King Roadie is a self-proclaimed musical expert who works in his apartment building, answering certain musical questions from his website.


King Roadie appears in Kite Strings. Abdul Korazi messages him to ask about the proper voltage setting for an amplifier out of fear that his friend Tarik's metal band may blow themself up. King Roadie is overexcited to get a message for once and replies back to say that the proper voltage setting is 50, but the connection is slowed due to Jake Bohm messing with the satellite in order to untie his kite. Roadie's girlfriend opens up the window and is startled by the sight of Jake. Roadie's sudden rise from the desk causes a book to hit the keyboard, and adds a 9 to the number, which now reads 950. This message sends to Abdul, and the 950 volts causes a surge, which helps the US Military locate Laura Davis from electrical sparks coming from a power line where she and Magnus Shea are resting. At the end of the episode, King Roadie and his girlfriend are seeing lying on a couch.

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