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Kayla Graham
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Kayla Graham (Karen David) is a call center worker for a cell phone company, and aspiring singer.


Kayla aspires to be a recording artist in the music industry, but has little faith that she will ever have an opportunity to do so.

In the Pilot, she is seen in a club in Ireland singing one of her songs. A man named Niles Borne is recording it on Simon Plimpton's cell phone. Kayla has little faith she will ever have an opportunity to be famous, but Niles believes that she will. After she leaves, he slips the cell phone in the luggage of a man headed to Japan. The phone is then recovered by a Japanese girl who starts a "Kayla Graham Fan Club". The girl is a prostitute and sleeps with a Middle Eastern man who works the jumbotron and is ordered to upload everything from the phone to it. This causes Simon to see the pictures of his daughter he had been asking for, and causes Kayla's video to go viral.

The phone also makes a trip to Iraq, where it is used for the detonation device for an explosive vest that Abdul Korazi is forced to wear. Kayla calls the number after being informed of the missing phone by Simon. Kayla talks him into removing the battery by promising to help him get an oven for his family.

The song Kayla sings in the Irish club, "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" is heavily feature in the Season 1 finale, Gyre, Part 2. Zack makes a compilation video of musicians all over the world singing the song.


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"And now, for the post-performance depression."
—Kayla Graham

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