Jacob Bohm
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Jacob "Jake" Bohm
New York
October 26, 2000
Martin Bohm (father)
Sarah Bohm (mother, deceased)
Abigail Kelsey (aunt)
Portrayed by

Jacob Bohm (David Mazouz) is the son of Martin and Sarah Bohm.


Jacob does not speak or let anyone touch him, including his father. He sees the world in numbers, and seems to have a special ability to predict future events and make sure that people who are destined to meet, do so. His obsession with numbers - the Amelia Sequence in particular - turns out to be the way he communicates with others, mainly his father. 318 is the first part of The Amelia Sequence, also found by Arthur Teller. Though he has received no formal training in complex mathematics, he has discovered the Fibonacci sequence on his own simply through observation and his unique perception of the world around him.

Through Jacob's father, we learn that he loves orange soda and enjoys taking cell phones apart.


Main article: 318

318 is the number that Jake is obsessed with in the Pilot episode. It is the main connection between the different people and events he attempts to communicate to his father. In the Pilot episode, Jake uses these numbers as the beginning of the Amelia Sequence.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Jacob's thoughts are heard by viewers, but he only spoke once.

"The ratio is always the same. 1 to 1.618 over, and over, and over again. Patterns are hidden in plain sight, you just have to know where to look. Things most people see as chaos actually follow subtle laws of behavior. Galaxies, plants, seashells... the patterns never lie, but only some of us can see how the pieces fit together. 7,080,360,000 of us live on this tiny planet. This is the story of some of those people. There's an ancient Chinese myth about the red thread of fate. It says that the gods have tied a red thread around every one of our ankles, and attached it to all the people whose lives we are destined to touch. This thread may stretch, or tangle, but it will never break. It's all been predetermined by mathematical probability, and it's my job to keep track of those numbers. To make the connections for those who need to find each other, the ones whose lives need to touch. I was born 4,161 days ago on October 26th, 2000. I've been alive for 11 years, 4 months, 21 days, and 14 hours, and in all that time... I've never said a single word."
—Jacob Bohm
"Human beings are hard wired with the impulses to share our ideas."
—Jacob Bohm
"Numbers are constant until they’re not."
—Jacob Bohm
"“We can’t help but wonder how much difference one person makes in the world. We look inside ourselves, questioning if we have the capacity for heroism and greatness. But the truth is, everytime we take an action, we make an impact. Every single thing we do has an effect on the people around us. Every choice we make sends ripples out into the world. Our smallest acts of kindness can cause a chain reaction of unforeseen benefits for people we’ve never met. We might not witness those results, but they happen all the same.”"
—Jacob Bohm
""Find him.""
—Jacob Bohm (First time speaking)

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