Event Horizon
Season 2, Episode 1
Touch titlecard
Air date February 8, 2013[1]
Written by TBA
Directed by TBA
Episode guide
"The Road Not Taken"

"Event Horizon" is the first episode of the second season of Touch, and is scheduled to air February 8, 2013.


On the run from the powerful Aster Corps., Jake leads his father Martin to Los Angeles, where they team up with Lucy Robbins, the distraught mother of the missing Amelia, the girl who may hold the key to finally understanding Jake's unique abilities. Factoring into the unfolding equation is the genius of Aster Corps., Calvin Norburg (Lukas Haas), who's on the verge of making a career-defining discovery, as well as the extreme religious zealot Guillermo Ortiz (Said Taghmaoui), who stops at nothing to attain his vision. As ominous connections appear, Martin remains determined to uncover a global conspiracy in order to protect his family and save the lives of the innocent.



The Righteous 36Edit

-Frederick LeMay (Killed By Guillermo Ortiz)




Quotes Edit

Jake's Voiceover:


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