Clea Hopkins
Clea Hopkins 2
Clea Hopkins
Late 20s, early 30s
Jacob Bohm
(social working case subject)
Portrayed by

Clea Hopkins (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is a social worker assigned to evaluate Jacob Bohm's living situation, and his father Martin's ability to care for him.


Clea is new at her job, and appears to genuinely have Jacob's best interest at the forefront of her concerns. After deciding that Jacob would be best served by his moving into an institution for autistic children, she begins to see what Martin was trying to tell her about Jacob's gift. Recently she was removed from the case.


Main article: 318

After Jacob arranges popcorn in such a way as to "spell out" Clea's mother's telephone number, she observes him circling the 18th day on a March calendar - this date being 3/18.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Season 1Edit

"Five schools in seven years, no mother in the home, your multiple jobs in the past few years, it doesn't add up to a very promising picture."
—Clea Hopkins on Jacob Bohm

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