Claudia Corliss
Patricia Rae as Claudia Corliss
Claudia Corliss
Season 2
Portrayed by
Patricia Rae

Claudia Corliss was an gifted astronomer and was one of the Righteous 36.


Despite her lack of education and training Claudia was able to make some important astronomical discoveries. She had a small but passionate following of astronomy geeks.

According to Claudia's son, "She would become quiet, she wouldn't say a word for days and days, and out of nowhere, she would draw this galaxy, this cluster of stars, and then she'd go out searching in the night sky with her telescope, and she would find it. I mean, it was like magic." Her major discovery was the Corliss Comet. She was able to predicted  the Corliss Comet's trajectory. It has a cycle of 122 years and can only be viewed from the Northern Hemisphere.

Claudia Corliss was from Santiago, Chile. She was born with an identical twin named Sofia Corliss. This twin was not one of the Righteous 36, thus she wasn't a savant. In addition to a sister Claudia had a son who is now in the military.


  • The Corliss Comet, which is named after Claudia Corliss, has a cycle of 122 years and can only be viewed from the Northern Hemisphere.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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