Business Man
Business Man
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The Business Man is a character appearing in Episode 6: Lost and Found. He is an architect.


The business man was and architect who had just sold a building to his company, hoping they would refurbish it as it was a historical building where all the Jazz legends played. However they were just going to knock it down. He was talking to a woman in an airport lounge whose luggage was unfortunately lost and he took her seat on the plane. He was given a flight to a holiday destination as a reward for creating the biggest build yet, however the plane crashed and, although he survived, he was severely injured.

He decided to go back to his office and tell his boss about cancelling the plans, who at first wasn't too happy about the idea but after some talking, "loosened up". He then walked out the office, still bleeding.

Then he ran to the sight of the the building, just as Clea and Martin were trying to get on sight, knowing that that was where Clea's Mother was hiding. The Business man, tried to fight off the builders to stop them from demolishing it, as they couldn't do it if he was on sight.

Upon finding Clea's Mother, Martin and clea, lead her outside where the business was was warding off the builders with a shovel. Clea then thanked the man before one of the builders asked him if he was alright. He looked down to see he was bleeding immensley out of his stomach. After one of the builders cried out to call 911, the man collapsed on the floor, presumably dead.

The Woman in which he was talking to in the airport lounge makes another appearence at the end of the episode when she finds him as a possible donator so she could make a baby.

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