Avram Hadar
Bodhi Elfman as Avram
Avram Hadar
Portrayed by
Bodhi Elfman

Avram Hadar is part of a group that tracks special savants known as the Righteous 36. 


Avram was born on January 15th, 1969.  Avram was a good friend of Arthur Teller and shared an office with him. And whilst he studied diamonds and other minerals, Teller spent his time working with Amelia and the numbers in The Amelia Sequence. He comes across Martin after Teller's Death, which after following some clues, leads Martin to their office. Here he finds Avram and an attached room filled with Teller's research. Avram makes recurring appearances in the Series and helps Martin out in many ways. The last time he is seen is when he tells Martin to look out whilst he escapes the state in the back of a van driven by one of his friends.

He makes arrangements with a friend in Los Angeles so that Martin and Jake have a place to stay. He later joins them and looks after Jake while Martin investigates Jake's numbers. But he was kidnapped by other members of his sect, because of meddling with the 36 against his duty, which was to be merely an "observer". Especially the rabbi of that sect believed it was Avram's meddling that caused the incidents related to the 36.


  • He is one of the very few people that Jake touches in the series, when helping Avram to pick up some diamonds off the floor, which amazes Clea.
  • He is Jewish.
  • According to one of the "Ancient Scriptures", two of the 36 chosen ones should never meet. However Avram doesn't believe this, much to the dismay of his friends.
  • Avram's last name Hadar was not revealed until episode "Fight or Flight".

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Arthur Teller was my best friend!"
—Avram to Martin after Teller's death.