Aster Corps is a multimillionaire corporation with a section where they study people with the gift of watching patterns in numbers

After the first half of the season 1 Aster Corps is revealed to have funded Arthur Teller's reasearch through their front, a shipping company named Möbius. They had later kidnapped Amelia Robbins faking her death in the process and a board-and-care Center in New York tried to do the same for Jake Bohm by order of Aster Corps.

In the second season episode 2x11 "Accused", it is discovered they have a "special hospital" where they supposely treat insomnia and they only take in those who pass the test that proves if they're part of The Righteous 36. Here, they give pills to the patients that will later kill them (Dr. Robert McCormick). They are after Jake and Amelia and capture them in epsode 2x12 "Fight or Flight ". The ultimate goal of the Aster Corps is to decipher the entire "God Sequence" in order to use it to predict the future in their advantage, especially since the corporation is near to become bankrupt.



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