Arnie Klepper
Arnie Klepper
Martin Bohm (Friend)
Rebecca Klepper (Daughter)
Portrayed by
Jude Ciccolella

Arnie Klepper is a friend of Martin Bohm after he saved his life when he attempted suicide by falling off a bridge onto a motorway. He owns Arnie's Pawn Shop in New York.


Arnie was first seen in the episode 1+1=3, when he had a set up with a robber to get some money. However Martin happened to be in the shop at the time and tried to save Arnie by attacking the robber. Unfortunately the plan backfired, and Arnie was wounded and taken to the hospital. He is seen later in the episode, attempting to jump off a bridge onto a busy motorway before Martin pulls him away, saving his life.

He also makes an appearence in Gyre, Part 2 when Martin walks into the shop, asking to buy a gun. After a bit of reasoning, Arnie eventually sells Martin the gun and advises him not to do whatever he's about to do. But Martin tells him that he has no choice and walks out, forgetting the bullets, which later saved Martin's life.

Memorable QuotationsEdit

"Martin, you were my friend in my time of need, now I'm gonna be your friend and tell you that whatever you're about to do, it's just not worth it."

Image GalleryEdit

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