Season 2, Episode 11
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Air date April 26, 2013[1]
Written by Barry O'Brien
Directed by Adam Kane
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"Fight or Flight"
 "Accused" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Touch. It originally aired on April 26, 2013, on FOX.


A connection between a father and son cannot be broken. 

Martin rolls the dice with the authorities when he attempts to clear his name and spill the beans to a skeptical Detective Lange. As a result, Det. Lange escalates the investigation and issues an APB on a key player. Meanwhile, unforeseen events unfold when Jake leads Avram on a mission to a possible member of the "Righteous 36." Following Calvin Norburg's recent meeting with Aster Corps executive Nicole Farington, their nefarious mission escalates and it's up to Martin to stop it.[2]



The Righteous 36Edit





•Martin will be accused of the murder of Lucy Robbins


Jake's Closing Voiceover: My father has sacrificed everything to keep me safe, and to help me find the other special people like me, before it's too late. I may be running out of time.

Nicole Farington: "Work round the clock. Finish the sequence and be done with it." 
-Nicole Farington to Aster Corps employee

Avram: "Whosoever possesses it shall become the Guardian, of the 36 Righteous Ones."
-Avram to Jake

Martin: "We need to go out the back now. Quietly"
-Martin to Jake and Amelia

Cop: "Get on the ground!"
-Cop to Martin

Det. Lange: "We found the gun"
Martin: "What gun?"
Det. Lange: "The one you used to kill Lucy Robbins."
-Det. Lange and Martin


•Jake does not have a voiceover at the beginning of the episode.

Guest Cast[3]Edit


Touch 2x11 Promo "Accused" (HD)-0

Touch 2x11 Promo "Accused" (HD)-0